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Michigan Steel Strapping

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About Us

Building and Wire Buckles

Since 1977, MSS has been providing exceptional packaging products. We control each stage of the manufacturing process in-house, from design to shipping, in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Quality Statement

With an automotive background, we understand the importance of quality. The major concern for our type of products is raw material. To that end, we roll all steel coils in-house. Our rolling mill can control product to plus or minus .0005". Our slitting operators recheck gauge and tensile strengths before the product reaches the presses, where it is checked again. Milling and slitting give us a huge quality advantage over our competition. Further, the product is monitored continuously throughout the run. Finally, we have total traceability. Our lot numbers can be traced back to the original coil in case we ever need to purge field inventory.

Mission Statement

We do unto our customers as we would have our suppliers do unto us.

Environmental Statement

During the whole life cycle of our products, MSS aims to reduce waste and provide quality, while manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly steel strapping, banding seals, and wire buckles. During the production phase, we strive to improve production efficiency and consider environmental needs.

Banding Seals and Wire Buckles

Our History

1977 - MSS starts selling steel as a steel broker.
1979 - MSS begins processing steel, including steel slitting and rolling.
1982 - MSS acquires a steel stamping company specializing in automotive applications.
1986 - MSS enters the packaging business with the manufacturing of banding seals and corner protectors.
1990 - MSS begins manufacturing regular-duty steel strapping. Our superior coils are ribbon wound, waxed, and edged in sizes 3/8" up to 1 1/4".
2000 - MSS begins the transition from automotive to exclusively manufacturing packaging products.
2001 - MSS begins concentrating on selling to packaging distributors. We manufacture regular-duty strapping, banding seals, and corner protectors for domestic and international distributors.
2004 - MSS begins manufacturing high-volume, regular-duty wire buckles in response to requests from our customers.
2007 - MSS starts manufacturing ultra-heavy-duty wire buckles in response to the growing cord strapping market.
2008 - MSS increases buckle capacity by 400% with new equipment and tooling.
2010 - MSS enters the year manufacturing 18 different wire buckles.
2011 - MSS announces it's wire buckles are the strongest on the globe.
2012 - MSS increases capacity again with the purchase of six new machines.
2014 - MSS moves to a new plant in Taylor, Michigan.
2015 - MSS announces largest wire buckle capacity in North America.
2016 - MSS continues to increase buckle capacity with the purchase of two new machines.